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Tank: revue internationale active. No. 1 1/2
Delak, Ferdinand, ed

Ljubljana mouvement artistique d’avant-garde internationale [1927] Red and black Constructivist paper wrappers by Avgust ernigoj. 63, [1] p. counting covers. 26 x 19 cm. Only two issues (nos. 11 2 and 11 2–3) of this journal were published before it was banned by the authorities. This issue features work by more than thirty contribu- tors, including illustrations by Giorgio Ricardo Carmelich, Ivan argo, and Avgust ernigoj, as well as writings by Albert Ehrenstein, Tristan Tzara, and Herwarth Walden (editor of Der Sturm). This journal is often erroneously dated to 1922. Tank was a major publication of the Central European avant-garde, intended as a successor to the Croatian magazine Zenit, which was suppressed in 1926. Tank was multilingual and multinational, with Delak’s manifesto printed in Slovene, French, Serbo-Croatian, and German, as well as a manifesto “My greeting” by ernigoj in Slovene and Italian. Unlike the translations of Delak’s manifesto, however, ernigoj’s manifesto was not simply “translated” from Slovene to Italian or vice versa. In fact, the contents of the two “translations” not only differ but go so far as to stand in opposition to each other, displaying ernigoj’s awareness—and perhaps the awareness of the entire movement—of the tensions of negotiating an artistic identity across national and linguistic boundaries (Bru, et. al., 1125–26).

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