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Industriia sotsializma. Tiazhelaia promyshlennost'k VII vsesoiuznomu s'ezdy sovetov (Industry of Socialism. Heavy Industry for the Seventh Congress of Soviets)

Moscow Stroim 1935 Seven separately bound volumes (each 35.1 x 25.8 cm) in photographically illustrated slipcase of cloth over boards. Lavishly illustrated with numerous gravure plates, fold-outs, gate-folds, accordion folds, collages and cut-outs, printed on a variety of paper types. The seventh volume is a folder containing two folded maps and a printed brochure. Designed by Lissitzky and published on the occasion of the Seventh Congress held in February 1935. Lissitzky was rewarded with high praise and a substantial financial bonus by the Minister of Heavy Industry for the successful completion of this album. "A monument of late Lissitzky over-the-top typographical and book design, leaving no flap unturned...it is a feast for the eyes." (Roth) "…a cornucopia of graphic design and photomontage, arguably the high point of Lissitzky's book-designing career and of the Soviet propaganda photobook….In no other book is the imagery quite so brilliantly piled up, one picture upon the other, the ideas constantly inventive and dazzling. It is as if Lissitzky found the normal form of the book page so restricting that he was compelled to push beyond its boundaries at every turn. Thus we have fold-outs, overlays, peek-a-boo images, half pages, accordion fold-outs and gatefold pages, and even stuck-in pieces of cloth. The complex photocollages almost gallop across the pages and beyond them in exuberant proclamation of the book's simple message - Production is Up on the Last Five-Year Plan!" (Parr/Badger) A very good copy of one of the most important Soviet photographically illustrated editions. Detailed description of condition available.

Roth pp. 82-83; Parr/Badger pp. 160-163; Woodruff/Grubisic 254