The Song of the Border Guard TWOMBLY, CY
The Song of the Border Guard
Robert Duncan

North Carolina: Black Mountain Graphics Workshop, 1952.

Printed broadside poem by Duncan tipped-in to a folded 13 x 20-inch orange cover with a woodcut printed in black by Twombly. Believed to be among Twombly's first published works, this volume was produced in the college printshop in an edition of approximately 200 copies. It seems that The Song of the Border Guard is a collaboration between Rauschenberg and Twombly. Cernovich asked for the art; Rauschenberg recommended Twombly, who made the brush strokes on the blocks, and when Cernovich didn't know what to do with them, Rauschenberg helped him "cut" or "gouge out" Twombly's design. This copy in very good condition.

Phillips/Zwicker 53

First edition