O novykh systemakh v iskusstve (On New Systems in Art) LISSITZKY. MALEVICH
O novykh systemakh v iskusstve (On New Systems in Art)

Vitebsk: Art Labour Cooperative, 1919.

Original illustrated wrappers. 32 pp. plus 3 plates. With lithographed manuscript text and illustrations by Lissitzky on front and back. With 3 Cubist plates by Malevich. The text is written in small capital letters and longhand and is interspersed with Suprematist squares, rectangles, and circles. Reproduced by lithography under the supervision of Lissitzky who was also responsible for the cover. "In the field of book illustration, perhaps the most remarkable use of Malevich's ideas is to be found in Lissitzky's work in Vitebsk, beginning with his cover design". (Compton I, p. 114, 127) "On New Systems in Art" represents the crystallization of Malevich's new theories in art and is a masterpiece in the history of the illustrated book. (Karshan p. 49) An extremely important Russian avant-garde book and quite rare. This is a very good copy of a work often found in poor condition due to the fragile paper

Rowell/Wye 236, illus. p. 147