Zasuponia. (The fir tree cone.) LIUBAVINA, N
Zasuponia. (The fir tree cone.)
Sokolov-Mikitov, Ivan

Petrograd: Segodnya, 1918.

Original wrappers. 4 pp. Cover and illustrations by Liubavina. One of 125 numbered copies, with several hand colored illustrations. Segodnia (“Today”) was an artists’ and writers’ collective led by Vera Ermolaeva. The painters and writers did everything themselves, from creating the books to selling them. The books were illustrated with original linocuts, and issued in an edition of 300 copies of which 125 deluxe copies were numbered and hand colored. The books have an entirely handmade feel. “Sokolov-Mikitov’s mysterious Zasuponya, who resembles a three-eyed pinecone, chases a crane from its swampy home, smashing its eggs and ruining its nest. Zasuponya was just one of many creatures in a neo-pagan mythology taking shape in the works of Russian writers…” (Steiner p. 17)