Osenii son: p’esa v chetyrekh kartinakh (Autumn dream: a play in four acts) MATIUSHIN, MIKHAIL and ELANA GURO
Osenii son: p’esa v chetyrekh kartinakh (Autumn dream: a play in four acts)
Guro, Elena

Saint Petersburg: [Nat. Il. Butkovskaia], 1912.

Zincographic paper covers depicting a yellow forest, with the title, author, and date written in blue on the front, illustrated with reproductions of the work of Mikhail Matiushin. 57, [6] p., [2] black and white portraits, [3] color plates. 20 x 14 cm. The play is followed by five short prose pieces and two poems. Includes three tipped in color reproductions of paintings by Guro’s husband Mikhail Matiushin, an extract of sheet music from Matiushin’s suite for violin and piano of the same name, and two reproductions of pencil drawings by Guro of her imagined son. The drawings show him as he might have appeared, had he lived to the age of 18. Guro and Matiushin, a married couple, were central figures in the Union of Youth and the Cubo-Futurist movement and sponsored the important almanac Sadok sudei (Trap for judges). In 1912, Guro was dying of leukemia, and dedicated this book “to the memory of my unforgettable only son V. V. Notenberg,” a child she never had.

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