Svedo anstva (Testimonies). Svedo anstva (Testimonies).
Mati , Dušan, Rastko Petrovi , and Aleksandar Vu o, eds.

Belgrade: Izdali Desetodnevo, 1924–25.

A complete set of one of the most influential publications of the Yugoslavian Surrealist movement. Each issue in illustrated paper wrappers, each in a different color. Text in Serbian (Cyrillic), with numerous illustrations. The title is roughly equivalent to the French témoignage. Svedo anstva stands with the single-issue Nemogu e as the chief outlet and documentary source for Surrealist activity in the Balkans. Contributors include Yugoslav authors Marko Risti , Milan Dedina , Alksandar Vu o, Mladen Dimitrevi , Milovoje Stepanovi , Milan Dedinac, Tin Ujevi , in addition to editors Mati , Vu o and Petrovi ; some exchanges with French Surrealists such as Breton, illustrations by Surrealist artists including one by Picasso which he contributed for this journal. The first issue (November 21, 1924) with Risti ’s article, “Surrealism” is considered as the official starting point of Yugoslav Surrealism. This number includes André Breton’s first Manifesto, and the very first news about the founding of the Bureau of Surreal- ist Research (Centrale Surréaliste), ten days earlier than it was published in the first number of La Révolution Surréaliste (December 1, 1924). The rear cover of the final issue has a drawing by Picasso. Svedo anstva was published once every ten days, and each number was devoted to different topics. It was distributed in Yugoslavia’s major cities, but also in Paris and Frankfurt.
Issues 1–8 (complete)