Poster for conference “L'Eloge d'Ilia Zdanevitch surnommé l'ange ZDANEVICH, ILYA
Poster for conference “L'Eloge d'Ilia Zdanevitch surnommé l'ange

Paris: Université 41 Faculté Russe, 1922.

May 12, 1922. Lithograph. 21 3/8 x 19 1/8 inches. Text in Russian and French. One of the most dazzling figures of Russian futurism was Ilya Zdanevich, later known as Iliazd. Zdanevich, his brother the painter Kirill Zdanevich, and poet and artist friends including Terent'ev and Kruchenykh formed the dynamic but short-lived 41 group in Tiflis, Georgia. The 41 publications are fascinating in content, design and typography. Published in small editions, they have become rare and sought after publications. In 1921 Zdanevich moved permanently to Paris. After initially living with the Russian artist Larionov, he met other Russian émigrés as well as Picasso, Robert Delaunay, and the Dadaists, to whom he was immediately attracted. In Paris he installed the University 41 in the Montparnasse café Le Caméléon and began a series of conferences on Russian avant-garde poetry. This poster announces one of these conferences. An exceptionally lovely copy of this rarity.

41 Ilya and Kirill Zdanevich, no. 53; Isselbacher 39; Centre Georges Pompidou, Iliazd, p. 57