The Joseph Stalin White-Sea Baltic Canal: History of Its Construction
M. Gorky, L. Averbakh, S. Firin, editors

Moscow: The State Publishing House "History of Mills and Factories", 1934.

Photographically illustrated, within original embossed cloth boards. Written by 36 Soviet writers including Valentin Kataev, Michael Zoshchenko, Alexei Tolstoy and Vera Inber. Edited by Maxim Gorky, with assistance from L. Averbakh (leader of the Russian Association of Proletarian Writers) and the commander of the Canal's labor camp, Semen Firin. Commissioned by Stalin in an effort to propagandize and commemorate the infamous construction of his White-Sea Baltic Canal, in which thousands of forced laborers died. This book was written in praise of the project, which was meant to be a symbol of the success of the First Five Year Plan, and is illustrated throughout with images of laborers and the canal. In 1937 the book was withdrawn from circulation and many copies were destroyed. First editions such as this are extremely rare.