Ler dIa canpane DUBUFFET, JEAN
Ler dIa canpane

Paris: L'art brut, Noel, 1948.

8vo, within original yellow paper wrappers, stapled. Stenciled text by the artist with six original engravings: three linocuts and three woodcuts made on lids of Camembert cheese boxes. Edition of 165 copies. This early and rare Dubuffet edition was written, illustrated, and printed by the artist. The prints were made on linoleum and on the wood from Camembert cheese boxes. The stenciled text, written phonetically in Dubuffet's hand, is both humorous and nonsensical. This edition exemplifies his "Art Brut" style--Dubuffet was perhaps the most famous proponent of "Art Brut", or creative expression liberated from traditional artistic conventions. Aside from slight discoloration and minor nicks to the edges of the fragile wrappers, this copy is in very good condition.

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